Bit of history

Bit of History

In June 2008 the boat was christened in partnership with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society as “Kosatka”, the Russian for Orca or Killer Whale. In October 2008 Kosatka and the team and started the 10th edition Volvo Ocean Race from Alicante.


In January 2013 the boat was comprehensively overhauled since it’s purchase “MONSTER PROJECT” is in near new condition, with a large sail wardrobe and is already setting records both inshore or offshore on the Mediterranean, Transatlantic and Caribbean circuit as Formula-1 racing charter.


The Volvo Open 70 (sometimes referred to as a Volvo Ocean 70) is the former class of racing yachts designed for the Volvo Ocean Race. It was first used in the 2005–06 race (replacing the Volvo Ocean 60 yachts which were first used in 1993) and use a Canting keel which is capable of canting transversely up to an angle of 40 degrees. According to the VO70 rule, the yachts can be made from glass fibres, aramid fibres, or carbon fibres (which were not allowed for the VO60’s).
The Volvo Open 70 is not a singular yacht design or boat but rather a set of design rules to which competing boats must adhere. This is similar to the concept to the design and construction rules that define a racing car. Competing teams design and build boats within the scope of this rule to try and come up with the fastest boat for the expected conditions of the race.

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