5 x Single berths available Antigua Sailing Week

aswSail Antigua Sailing Week on our specatacular TP52 2006

Antigua Sailing Week is one of the premier sailing regattas and consists of six challenging days of top class racing in, what are regarded as, the best sailing conditions in the World.

The race village and marinas are all close and within safe and easy walking distance. The choice of bars, restaurants, local lobster BBQ’s and late night spots make this a wonderful event whether you are coming as a group or on your own

25 april:
Round Antigua Race @ South Coast, Antigua
Antigua Sailing Week 2012 re-introduced the now-famous Round Antigua Race.

26-28 april:10995856_1044587505555848_940818334491320066_n
Race Day 1, 2 and 3 @ South Coast, Antigua
29 april:
The Lay Day Beach Party featuring the Nonsuch Bay RS Elite Challenge @ Pigeon Beach

30 April, 1 May:
Race Day 4 and 5 @ South Coast, Antigua

1 May: 21289_1044583735556225_8934368838034945725_n
Final Awards Ceremony & After Party @ Nelson’s Dockyard
Final Awards Ceremony followed by a fun after party in the gorgeous and historic Nelson’s Dockyard. Add
silverware, the Governor General, bottles of Veuve Clicquot with DJ Purist live music on stage with Asher Otto & Itchyfeet following the prize giving and you have a spectacular finale to Antigua Sailing Week.

More info about the race:

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