Volvo 70 Monster Project is available for charter!
She will be sailing all races in the Caribbean and Europe.

get on board for an amazing experience!

  • She measures 36 metres from the bulb to the top of her mast. That is equivalent to an 11 or 12 floor apartment building.
  • The bulb weight 4,500 kilos – is the same as three Volvo estate cars.
  • The rest of her is quite trim. Her total weight is 12,500 kilos – eight per cent less than the 10-foot shorter V.O.60 (the predecessor to the Volvo Open 70).
  • The Volvo Open 70 will be able to set up to 775 square metres at a time – equivalent to 11 apartments or three tennis courts.
  • An articulated city-bus with room for up to 130 passengers is 18 metres long. The Volvo Open 70 is 21.5m.
  • And she is so wide (up to 5.7 metres) that you can put the large Volvo XC90 across her deck and still be able to walk by.


MONSTER PROJECT, formerly S.Y Kosatka, a Volvo Open 70 in the 2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race Round the World, and Team Russia, were established and funded by Russian supermarket chain founder, Oleg Zherebtsov. It was the only Volvo Open 70 campaign to be funded by a private individual and without sponsorship.

Design work commenced in June 2007, leading to an intensive two-month research and development programme before construction commenced in August 2007. The boat, is very avant-garde in her design.

“Team Russia VO70 is characterised by her aggressive spray rails, bluff bow and low chines. She has shown evidence of real pace, clocking numerous 500nm-plus in 24 hour runs on Legs 1 & 2 [in the VOR] as well as a 300nm-plus run in 13 hours during qualifying.” – Humphreys Yacht Design.